Dennis Giannacopoulos David A. Lowther Steve McFee Milica Popović Jonathan Webb
Doctoral Master's Alumni
Welcome to the Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory at McGill University. We are proud to be the first research lab in computational electromagnetics in Canada.

Currently, there are five core faculties in our group. We are conducting research in the core algorithms of computational electromagnetics, such as adaptive mesh refinement and hierachical basis functions. We are also applying these algorithms in the applications like: design of low-frequency induction motor, brain MRI, microwave-based breast imaging, GPU-based fast linear solvers.

We are publishing in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Computer Physics Communications, Numerical Methods in Engineering, etc. We are avid participants of CompuMag and CEFC conferences.

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About the animation
The animation shows a plane wave hitting upon 6 dielectric cylinders that spells out COMPEM, which stands for computational electromagnetics. The incident pulse is Gaussian-modulated at 1 GHz with unit amplitude. The dielectric cylinders are about 4 wave length in width and height and have relative permittivity of 4. The total-field scatter-field boundary uses the analytic field propagator formulation and the absorbing boundary uses the uniaxial perfectly matched layer formulation. The animation is on log scale to magnify the trapped waves inside the cylinders.